X Protocol Community Development Announcement

  1. The team will soon start the recruitment of X-Metaverse voluntary travelers. Volunteers will assist in community management and introduce more travelers for X-Metaverse; In return, the volunteers would receive POT on a monthly basis; Recruitment details will be announced before the 20th November, 2021.
  2. The X Protocol team will be relentless in striving to promote technological development, as well as to launch application scenarios of POT and GameFi related Play to earn scenarios and land sale plans. Details will be announced before November 25th.
  3. The X Protocol team will add the gentle token burning and deflation system into all POT application scenarios to ensure that the economic development of the X-Metaverse world will not fall into trouble due to the over deflation, which will in turn reduce the actual circulation. Details will be announced before November 25.
  4. The X Protocol team longs for community members to share their opinions and make a positive contribution to the community. Community members can submit their opinions or cooperation intention to X-Metaverse volunteers. Community members who contribute reasonably will receive team & advisor allocation awards.
  5. $POT has been circulated in the secondary market. The X Protocol team understands the reasonable pursuit of profit by community members and investors, but hopes that the topics of the community will be mainly technical discussions, product suggestions and pleasant communication. Only our community members sticking together could enhance and develop our project. If any community member continuously makes comments on topics including Offensive speech, the volunteers will ban or remove the member after three times of warning.


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