X Metaverse V Carnival

Anonverse is sponsoring a Reward package that is worth 6000 USDT 💰

50 Crypto War NFT Blind BOX ! 🎁

The Crypto War Blind Box is available on Binance NFT

As the main organizer and solid partner of Anonverse, X Protocol will be Airdropping 4000 V NFTs to V Pass holders, which can not only be a digital collection but a vivid 3D avatar in XMetaverse.

V Avatar NFT

How to participate in the “V Carnival”

🎙️Event 1 : AMA with Anonverse

We are happy to invite the CSO of Anonverse Robinmanuk for this AMA session !

  • Enter X Metaverse :https://metaverse.x-protocol.com/
  • Join AMA session with Anonverse in X Metaverse AMA room and ask questions during the free session ( 5 questions will be answered & chosen as winners )

🐶Event 2 : Puppy Treasure Hunt

🚌Event 3 : X Metaverse Sightseeing

  1. Follow @X_Protocol_ & @Anon_Metaverse & @DaoStarter
  2. Join community

🎈Event 4 : X Metaverse Airdrop

  1. Enter X Metaverse : https://metaverse.x-protocol.com/
  2. Go to Airdrop House
  • Read introduction and operation guide then click join this Airdrop
  • Fill in the blank as required

Come Join us for this amazing metaverse event !

About Anonverse

About X Protocol



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