X Metaverse V Carnival

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4 min readMar 11, 2022

Hey there👨‍🚀

🔥We are pleased to invite Anonverse for a ‘V Carnival’ in X Metaverse🔥

💎Anonverse — A “Crypto war” with Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform. It’s a collection of DAO, Anonymous transactions, GameFi, Launchpad and Audit! 💻

The anonymity and censorship resistance of blockchain spirit coincide with what V said in the movie : Behind this mask is a man, and behind this man is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof. 🛡️

To win this war against the old world, crypto is our best weapon. Innovative by nature, X Protocol will join hands with Anonverse to explore various possibilities between blockchain technology & metaverse. 🚀

Anonverse is sponsoring a Reward package that is worth 6000 USDT 💰

50 Crypto War NFT Blind BOX ! 🎁

The Crypto War Blind Box is available on Binance NFT

As the main organizer and solid partner of Anonverse, X Protocol will be Airdropping 4000 V NFTs to V Pass holders, which can not only be a digital collection but a vivid 3D avatar in XMetaverse.

Note : the Snapshot time will be on Mar 11th 12:00 am UTC 📷

V Avatar NFT

👔When the V Pass holder receive V NFT, remember the “V” dress code

How to participate in the “V Carnival”

🎙️Event 1 : AMA with Anonverse

We are happy to invite the CSO of Anonverse Robinmanuk for this AMA session !

  • Enter X Metaverse :https://metaverse.x-protocol.com/
  • Join AMA session with Anonverse in X Metaverse AMA room and ask questions during the free session ( 5 questions will be answered & chosen as winners )

📅Time : March 15th 13:00 pm UTC

🎙️Venue : AMA room in X Metaverse

🎁Reward : 5 Crypto War Blind Box NFTs

Note : Come to the AMA room early in case you get lost

🐶Event 2 : Puppy Treasure Hunt

Do you still remember this fun little exploration game ?

The puppies are awaiting!

The game has not changed, Catch them at first sight (left click)! Then you might have a chance to win the Crypto War Blind Box NFT

Each puppy represent a chance to win the Blind Box, see it as a lottery game!

📅Time : March 11th 12:00 am — — March 21th 12:00 am UTC

🎁Reward : 10 Crypto War Blind Box NFTs

🚌Event 3 : X Metaverse Sightseeing

We have also prepared rewards for Social media promotion

  1. Follow @X_Protocol_ & @Anon_Metaverse & @DaoStarter
  2. Join community

Anonverse : https://discord.com/invite/YuHanzb7bS

X Protocol : https://discord.com/invite/sFM8eRa2m2

DaoStarter : https://t.me/DaoStarter

3. Comment, retweet and like this tweet

4. Create new tweet about X Metaverse V Carnival

We would retweet the interesting/constructive ones to Airdrop rewards, the tweet content should include :

⏰Time : March 11th 12:00 am — — March 21th 12:00 am UTC

🎁Reward : 10 Crypto War Blind Box NFTs

Note : The retweet from X Protocol official account will be considered as the Sightseeing winner

🎈Event 4 : X Metaverse Airdrop

How to participate:

  1. Enter X Metaverse : https://metaverse.x-protocol.com/
  2. Go to Airdrop House
  • Read introduction and operation guide then click join this Airdrop
  • Fill in the blank as required

Make sure to follow all social media platform before you fill in your information for rewards

📅Time : March 11th 12:00 am — — March 21th 12:00 am UTC

🎁Reward : 25 Crypto War Blind Box

The winners will be chosen by lottery

Come Join us for this amazing metaverse event !

About Anonverse

Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform. DAO, Anonymous transactions, GameFi, Launchpad, Audit! This a “Crypto war”

Anonverse Website (https://anonverse.space/#/) |

Announcement (https://t.me/Anonverse_Official_Channel) |

Twitter (https://twitter.com/anon_metaverse?s=21) |

Group (https://t.me/ANONVERSE_official) |

Discord (https://discord.gg/YuHanzb7bS) |

Medium (https://medium.com/@Anonverse_v) |

white-Paper (https://anonverse.gitbook.io/anonverse/)

About X Protocol

X Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal programmed using RUST language with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

It also provides low-cost access to the Metaverse for DAPPs on heterogeneous chains, sharing X Protocol’s users while making the X Protocol ecosystem more prosperous.

X Protocol will strive to become the “Ready Player one”’s World + STEAM platform in the blockchain space.

Please click the following links for further information about the X-Protocol

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