Partnership with Vmates

X Protocol
2 min readMay 6, 2022


Hey fam,

We are glad to announce a brand new partnership with Vmates, which is an NFT-based social Gamefi platform, where users can play with virtual pets in a gaming metaverse.

In the future, X Protocol and Vmates will work closely in the following aspects:

Now Vmates is proceeding with the IGO plan, as a partner, they will give X Protocol community limited whitelist quotas of special Vmates NFT sales.

In addition, Vmates will build its headquarter in X Metaverse, which allows users to enter Vmates directly in X Metaverse and be immersed in the virtual pet world. Of course, Vmates will gain access to infrastructures in X Metaverse, such as utilizing the Airdrop house, AMA room, Puppy Treasure Hunt game.

Besides, Vmates will list its NFT in the X NFT marketplace in X Metaverse in the near future. Vmates is going to have special offers for our community members for NFT per adoption. Users can purchase and trade NFT in the X Metaverse.

The combination of X Protocol and Vmates will bring joint growth at developing, marketing and community to both parts. Diverse events are forthcoming! Stay tuned please!

About Vmates

Vmates is an NFT-based social Gamefi platform, where users can play with virtual pets in a gaming metaverse. Vmates aims to provide people with a new lifestyle, create a new way to meet new

friends. Meanwhile players can earn token rewards in the game and bring NFT into their daily life.

In Vmates, players can participate in the development of their NFT virtual pets, interactions, and a series of games with social attributes, and build their own homes and commercial facilities in the PLAZA social square.




About X Protocol

X Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal programmed using RUST language with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

It also provides low-cost access to the Metaverse for DAPPs on heterogeneous chains, sharing X Protocol’s users while making the X Protocol ecosystem more prosperous.

X Protocol will strive to become the “Ready Player one”’s World + STEAM platform in the blockchain space.

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