Partnership with Evo Surfers

X Protocol
2 min readJul 13, 2022


X Protocol is thrilled to share details about our new partner Evo Surfers, a fantasy-based metaverse world themed around the evolution of civilizations.

In the future, X Protocol will provide Evo Surfers with various metaverse infrastructures for free, and will do activities using the AMA room and the Airdrop room in X Metaverse.

Besides, partnership between X Protocol and Evo Surfers will entail a number of activities including co-marketing, network & community resource sharing.

In addition, the NFTs of Evo Surfers will be also listed on the X NFT market of X Protocol soon. At that time, users can buy the NFTs with POT directly within X Protocol.

We believe that this will bring mutual benefits to both communities.

About Evo Surfers

Evo Surfers is an innovative decentralized civilization-based user-generated gaming environment where players own the copyright to their in-game digital possessions. Evo surfers use NFTs to create in-game digital assets, including player avatar CaCha NFT characters and their skills and attributes, technology, and hard assets like land and real estate. The game’s NFTs are tradable through an inbuilt real-world marketplace, enabling them to have value beyond the gaming environment. Evo Surfers also supports a healthy, robust game economy that uses an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token EVO as its primary source of value transfer. Players use EVO to acquire game assets, explore and expand the gaming world, and drive civilization and technological progress. Simultaneously, Evo Surfers presents a solution to the short-term life cycle faced by most current games.





About X Protocol

X Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal programmed using RUST language with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

It also provides low-cost access to the Metaverse for DAPPs on heterogeneous chains, sharing X Protocol’s users while making the X Protocol ecosystem more prosperous.

X Protocol will strive to become the “Ready Player one”’s World + STEAM platform in the blockchain space.

X Predict Market is a decentralized -APP cross-chain prediction platform on X Protocol.

It is designed to provide diversified, automated, safety-oriented, high-yield, socialized forecasting services, allowing users to freely initiate predictions and governance of real events, discuss and participate in incentive programs!

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