X Metaverse land presale

In an effort to preserve human civilization from the nuclear war, human scientists have escaped through warp engine technology and accidentally traveled to the X Metaverse, a place of hope in the parallel universe of the Alpha Centauri system.

In order to create a thriving X…

We’re pleased to announce that PolyBabyDoge is coming to the X Metaverse Airdrop House for a new round of NFT airdrop event!

Project Name : PolyBabyDoge

Reward Pool : 50 HODL Punk NFT

Seat : 50

Airdrop Network : Matic

Time: 1/1 14:00–1/7 14:00 UTC

How to participate:

  1. Enter X…

With the goal to become Ready Player One + STEAM platform in the blockchain field, X Protocol team spared no pains to build a Metaverse and application portal with source-generated gameplay and land economy model.

2021 has been a dynamic and rapidly expanding year for X Protocol and we are…

X Metaverse scientists have found more residential land for Earth immigrants, and we expect a diversified community as well as avatar in different styles.

We are hereby pleased to announce that a new batch of avatars will be soon released for users to choose from.


X Protocol

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